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Veja como fazer o download do driver para o sistema operacional do seu computador.

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Thank you for relieving me of that erroneous perception.

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We gave up on HP printers a couple of years ago. Our latest came with a ton of unneeded software. Every time my wife tried to print something, it launched software to index all of her photographs.

Step 1: Make sure the printer is ready

A couple of weeks ago, I converted the Lexmark printer to WiFi. It seems to be working pretty well so far, limited only by the usual reliability problems of the WiFi router. Been having problems myself getting to Airprint. I had updated the firmware from my Macbook earlier. Now, when I try to update the firmware from the Vista laptop, it refuses and simply says it is all up to date. Is there a way to roll that back?

You are right about the router. Anyone with any ideas? In order to make the airprint work, the firmware may have to be updated as some models ship with dated firmware! We are coming at this same problem from the Windows world… but we have iPod Touchs too. Three of them, actually. We got the Pw printer so we could print coupons from our iPods using the app Coupons.

HP DesignJet printers

We can print fine… from every computer in the house…. For some reason it can see our OLD HP printer, which is not wireless… but the app will not see the new printer. Looks like the printer is not going to pay for itself in coupons as originally planned.

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For now I have resigned myself to uninstalling all drivers then reinstalling them in USB mode and then reinstalling them again in wifi mode every time this happens power goes out briefly where I live at least once a month or so. Thanks for letting me vent here, and if anybody knows how to keep this from happening please share! Appreciate the effort you went to to write that. Then I disabled the N mode and it all worked well after the initial setup. Dear guys, It was very usefull to understand the sprint concept. I resolved the issue by simply going through all the ideas given and doing the simple procedure.

First use a laptop or pc switch it on. Then power the HP printer w. Make sure that all the units laptop, hpw, iPad iPhone all are in the wifi network Connect the hpw with the laptop or pc using the USB cable. The printer will do the automatic installation. I am in windows 7 Once the installation is over, you have to do the following two steps With the printer still connected with laptop or pc by USB cable, go to http: This will take you through many screens till you reach the validation of the ePrint by entering the code received in your email.

Problem installing HP LaserJet printer pw on a MAC | Mac Forums

Once this is done, the ePrint option is ready. From laptop,iPhone, iPad you can print wirelessly. Your printer will have an IP address and email. Email will be in the format of hpeprint. If you need more guidance pl write to sathyamoorthym hotmail. I have wasted about 3 days and counting with this printer. Thanks so much for the helpful walkthrough! I resolved the problem using the method outlined here: My only residual problem is that the printer will not automatically wake up and connect to the wifi if unused for a few hours so I have to push the on-off switch and wait about 30 seconds.

Open Close. About Twitter posts. And then the fun started. I brought the printer home with me. More fun ensued. On Lion the little web server thing fails. Once I downgraded the network, the light lit and I thought I was in business. But no. Not yet. Having done all that… The printer is recognized by the iPhone and iPad and you can print!

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And it all works. Share this: Twitter Facebook. The Author Nicholas Knisely Episcopal bishop, dad, astronomer, erstwhile dancer Jeffrey Shy says. Catharine says. Paul Martin says. Art Ickles says. JJ says.

Getting an HP P1102w to work as an AirPrint printer

Michael N. Sean Bartel says. Brook Papworth says. Thanks Nick, Appreciate the effort you went to to write that. Then I disabled the N mode and it all worked well after the initial setup Good you were able to share with others Brook. Click on the "Networking" tab in the web interface. Click on the "IPv4 Configuration" link 4. Next, click on the "Bonjour" link 6. Set the "Bonjour Name" for the Printer name. The Bonjour name is the name that iOS users will see when selecting the printer from their devices.

To print from the Windows workstation wirelessly, change the TCP port for the wireless printer driver to the IP address currently set for the wireless printer. Or delete this drive if you plan to always printing via USB from the Windows workstation.

If the wireless password changes on the wireless network all connectivity to the printer included connectivity needed for printer manage will be lost. You will have to repeat the steps above in order to reconnect to the printer. This should prevent this loose of connectivity resulting from an AP password change but I have not tested this yet.

Also, changing the wireless password on the printer with out changing the wireless password on the AP will cause the printer to become inaccessible. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Jan 04, 2 Minute Read. Reply 3. Kevin Littrell This person is a verified professional.

HP Printers - Printer is Offline or Not Responding (Mac)

Track Progress. Earn Credits. Keep the "wifi" and "cancel" buttons held down for 15 secs then release This will rest the IP address of the printer B. Nick42 Jan 7, at