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You're getting a free audiobook. Click to Try Audible Free. Cancel anytime. Best Sellers. Mac Narrated by: Veronica Meunch Length: Veronica Meunch Series: Wrecked , Book 1 Length: Add to Cart failed. Please try again later. Add to Wish List failed. Remove from wishlist failed. Adding to library failed. Please try again. Free with day Trial. Restore Me Wrecked Series 2 By: Christian Fox, Veronica Meunch Length: Christian Fox , Veronica Meunch Series: Wrecked , Book 2 Length: Accept Me Wrecked, Book 3 By: Wrecked , Book 3 Length: Vital Sign By: Genvieve Bevier Length: He's the one.

I know it like I know my own damn reflection. If ever two people were designed for one another, it's us. I have never believed in the whole love at first sight, soul mate bullshit until now. Until him. Although a little unrealistic, I enjoyed the intensity of the relationship between these two. I'm a sucker for characters who fall hard for one another and can't get enough of each other.

And that's how it was for these two. You're mine because that's how it is. Now that I have, you'd be crazy to think I would just let you go. They were easy enough to ignore. There is a lot of sex in this book. And it's hot, rough, dirty sex. So, in conclusion, I did really enjoy the first installment of Josephine and Damon's story. For the reasons I've outlined, I can't give it a full five stars, but I will definitely be reading the sequel!

I need to find out how this ends. That man's actions have hurt you in many ways. I want to make it right. Had those things never happened to you I bet you have had a very different life. You deserve so much. I intend on giving you those things. View all 6 comments. Feb 20, Holly rated it it was amazing.

Like WTF J. Mac how could you do this to me?!?!?!?!?!?! Feb 14, Kim rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is like a train wreck. I knew what was going to happen, I was just waiting for it, but I could not stop reading and hoping that it would all be okay. I was drawn in immediately by the writing style and story. This is not a just a sweet, happy, rainbows and butterflies kind of book. It is emotional, raw, and the main characters have both had tragedies in their pasts that have shaped them.

She is tough, independent, sarcastic, and likes to be in control. She uses sex to forget and does not have relationships No one knows my story I don't like explaining the whole tragedy that is my life and I damn sure don't feel like answering a million questions from some curious jerk-off. The last thing I expect or want is pity from others. I've had enough pity and condolences to last me two lifetimes. Some days the despair I feel threatens to drown me and this is a very dangerous kind of despair for a person to muddle through, It's that kind of despair that makes people do stupid things just to gain a measure of relief from their suffering.

Hello, Greek God of all things masculine and sexy. He is charismatic, cocky, bossy, domineering, hot, and wealthy. He has secrets too They have an immediate spark, a connection they cannot figure out but cannot deny. Jo thinks he will be just like any other man, one she can just use and leave, but Damon is different It doesn't take a rocket scientist to decipher the tension between us as sexual. It is purely animalistic attraction and it is involuntary. He is determined and domineering and before Jo knows it she is losing control to him. I loved seeing them navigate the unfamiliar territory of a relationship since neither of them had experiences with healthy relationships.

Their chemistry was intense, their bedroom scenes and scenes all over the house were steamy, and they had a strong need for each other physically and emotionally. They have witty rapport and a playful relationship. He is loving, protective, possessive, generous, supportive and completely enamored of Jo. And even though she fights it, she cannot fight the pull of Damon for very long. She is not used to caring about people or having them care for her. I loved seeing how well they fit together and how Damon was there for her during difficult times.

There is just something so damned familiar about him. Something familiar and comforting. I feel like I want to be around him. Like, maybe being around him will make things alright. Like it will make me alright.

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We'll make happy memories that will out weigh the sad ones ten-fold. I love to make you smile, Josephine. He has demons in the past just as she does. Will she be able to handle the truth? Is love enough? This book has tragedy, pain, love, passion, and heartbreak. It keeps you interested and you are truly invested in this couple. The ending left me breathless and wanting more like now! This book was a fast, entertaining, and emotional read. The characters are well developed and likable. The writing style is engaging and powerful.

I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from this author. Thanks to J. Mac for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I was asked to review this book by the author and, after our followers started raving about it, I had absolutely no hesitation and I really enjoyed it.

I completely lost myself in it, came to love all the characters. Josephine is an orphan, having lost both her parents in a car accident which left her a victim of the foster system and ultimately homeless.

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I completely loved Damon and he and Jo feel an intense physical reaction to one another and he asks her out on a date. They embark on an intensely physical and deeply emotional journey both becoming more and more dependant on the other. BUT, secrets from the past are about to come roaring back into their lives to threaten that fragile happiness they now share.

I could see it coming and it;s like a huge disaster looming on the horizon. View 2 comments. All I can say is Lord a mercy. This is a book that will have you putting your underwear on backwards, wearing two different shoes, putting eyeliner on your lips, and breaking out a beer and fanning yourself like crazy. This book had me from the beginning. Prologue is poignant and the reader just knows, you just know what is coming down the pike but you get on that roller coaster and just go for broke. Josephine is another tortured soul. But Josephine is not just ANY tortured soul.

She has a wheel All I can say is Lord a mercy. She has a wheelbarrow full of reasons to be tortured and have a "dirty mouth. Orphaned at 9, this young woman has been living alone and on her own since about 12 or so. She has no one except for an old bookstore and the crotchety owner, Sutton. Enter Damon, the sexy guy who sees her run off a shoplifter. Their eyes meet, something sparkles, and Jo is up for one of her one-night stands, her way of coping and keeping people at arm lengths.

When these two get together, I'm talking mind-blowing, scorching hot sex. And Damon has some "domination" going on that just makes you want to lick your lips and go "mmmmm. The signs are there. The "it's too good to be true" scenario just can't continue. This book ended on a cliffhanger and I was like You can't do that to me. But she did.

And now we've got to wait. Plot of this story is basically simple. But Josephine is one heroine I really liked. Her self preservation techniques just can't stand up to Damon. Restore me. And I mean like now!! Jan 13, Kathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wreck Me by J. This is truly a modern Romeo and Juliet story.

Filled with angst, heartache, loss, and romance; J. Jo has lost everything at the young age of nine years old. With no family and no future, she is shuffled back and forth to different foster homes, where she endures more than h Wreck Me by J. With no family and no future, she is shuffled back and forth to different foster homes, where she endures more than her share of abuse.

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  • Her only hope of survival is to live in the streets as a homeless teen. With all Jo has suffered, she is one of the strongest characters I've read. She doesn't let circumstance dictate her life. She makes her way into adulthood with nothing more than self-determination and the help of her crusty O Captain, My Captain Sutton, the owner of a bookstore. Books are Jo's passion, and Sutton and Jo are two birds of a feather.

    Both have no one. Both act as though they hate each other, but they create the makeshift family each craves and deserves. Jo is street wise and takes nothing from no one. She is an angry, and rightfully so, but she is also a proud survivor. I can scrap in the streets, I can throw a perfect left hook and when I had it, I could turn five bucks into fifty in no time throwing dice in the alley.

    When Damon Cole steps into Sutton's bookstore and sees Jo wrangling a shoplifter, he becomes smitten with her tough exterior and wants to know more of her. Jo simply wants a one-night stand from the handsome stranger, as she uses sex as a means of escape from her harsh reality. Neither has ever had a relationship, and Jo has no friends, but what they discover is an need that can only be filled by the other. Damon awakens something in Jo that has been dormant and closely guarded her entire life.

    I can only think of him. He has dominated me body and mind and I don't want to do a damn thing to fight against it. Damon Cole is a handsome, self-made entrepreneur, but he is damaged and filled with regret and remorse. He is haunted by his own demons, unwanted and unloved by his entire family, with exception of his grandmother, Grams. Damon is very dominating and demanding This is something new to Jo, and she found very quickly that she enjoyed forceful Damon.

    When Damon claims something, there is no turning back, and Jo couldn't turn away if she wanted. Not because I'm claiming you. Now that I have, you'd be crazy if you think I would just let you go. He only wanted Jo to love and stay with him forever. She felt completely undeserving. He showered her with gifts, but the greatest gift he gave her, aside from himself, was something she held more dear than anything. He simply prevented another loss in her life.

    Jo has only experienced sadness and feeling happy scares her. Damon makes her feel happy, cherished, and loved Wreck Me is the book that will solicit screams, tears, squees, laughter, and cheers from the reader.

    Restore Me Trailer (Rick Malambri & Ashley Greene)

    I had a hard time putting this book down. The writing is fluid and smooth, the characters are round and fully developed, and the plot is beautifully designed. Be warned that Wreck Me ends in a cliffhanger that will have you stalking J. Mac to find the release date of the second installment I give this book my stamp of approval and strongly recommend it to those who want to fall in love with two damaged souls who find healing in each other.

    Thank you to J. View all 4 comments. Jan 02, Leigh Parrish rated it it was amazing. Can't wait to read this!!!! Love her previous book!! Mar 26, Rhea rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mother of all cliffhangers! Hell, no! Out of all the possible outcomes, the author couldn't have come with a more heartbreaking ending for this book! I wasn't convinced I'd like this book when I purchased it.

    I didn't know what to expect and I was kind of half prepared for another disaster. But I loved it! It was a sweet and heartbreaking story at the same time and it got my attention from the first page. This story is unlike any I had ever read, pulling emotions from every depth. Oh, I miss you both so much it hurts to breathe. If I could, I would give all I have to bring you back. I don't give a shit. I'm hurting and I can't stop it. I felt like being there in the middle of the scene feeling the urge to cry they they cried and sharing their happiness as well.

    What I mostly appreciated in this book was the author's ability to combine the tragedy and the happiness in an unique way. The love story between Josephine and Damon is very intense and refreshing. Josephine lost her parents in a car accident when she was nine and has grown up homeless. I refuse to complain about things. Complaining is possibly the absolute most useless expenditure of energy known to mankind At 25 she never got past her parents death and she doesn't allow people to be part of her life.

    She is lonely but she avoids relationships at all costs being afraid of suffering another loss. When you suffer a loss so tremendous its like the sun goes down and never rises again. It sets and leaves you in a perpetual state of twilight. When Josephine and Damon casually meet the sexual tension between them builds instantly, but the deeper feeling is a strange of recognition though they have never met.

    Wrecked Series

    Even though she is only looking for the one night stand she finds herself wishing for more. Scarred, she tries to push those feelings aside, but Damon has a mind of his own and has no intention of letting her go. The story between them seemed almost too good to be true. I never got past that feeling that something wrong was about to happen, that once his secrets got revealed everything was go get shattered.

    Though I knew what was going to happen, I would have never predicted the ending. That was a total surprise. This book has tragedy, pain, love, passion, and heartbreak and it left me breathless. I just finished it and lucky me, the sequel seems to be published today. And that's probably why I'm going to pass on commenting the author's decision to end the book in such a wrecking cliffhanger. It was a surprise for me to find out that the author was so young. Great writing J. Feb 23, Juls rated it really liked it Shelves: Nothing is ever what they seem and Jo having the shittiest life ever should have known this.

    Lost her family by the age of 9 and then by 12 on the streets, homeless and alone. Its hardened her and she doesnt take crap from anyone. Jo has turned her life around. She is no longer homeless. She has a job and a roof over her head. Her job is her everything. Someone tries to steal a book from her bookstore and she wont have it so she stops him. In the process she ends up meeting Damon Cole. He is eve Nothing is ever what they seem and Jo having the shittiest life ever should have known this. He is every womans sexual desire packaged in a nice suit. He is domineering and overwhelming and even though Jo feels like he's taking away her independence she loves the way he takes care of her.

    Damon is a man who gets what he wants but this firecracker of a woman throws him off his axises. When he finds out who she really is his world starts to crumble and he doesnt know what to do except to make her permanently his. But like every love story something has to go wrong and this one doesnt disappoint.

    Past sins are resurfaced and that new found love is in jeopardy. Will Jo forgive and what will happen to Damon? I cant wait to find out in the next installment. Feb 22, Anna rated it really liked it. I need to know how this ends!!!! Mar 16, Jacqueline's Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love it. Working at a bookstore, she meets Damon. Damon is super successful, good-looking, dominate alpha male and is very interested in Josephine.

    This was a very short read, so I knew a lot of things would form quickly and I was okay with that. Josephine is pretty much a bad arse chick and usually these girls are hit or miss with me. Oh Damon, what can I say… is he the typical male Hero I look for in a read? Damon is really a dominate male and it made the steamy scenes very enjoyable. I feel like my world is crumbling beneath my feet but Damon walks in and I have something to grab onto.

    Rich boy meets poor girl and basically turns her world upside down. Yes please! Give me a credit card with my name on it! If you like a no-fuss, super steamy read with a very swoon worthy likable alpha-male, then Wreck Me is for you. For more reviews, visit http: View all 5 comments. Feb 28, Crista rated it it was ok Shelves: Review posted at: Some will definitely love this one, but I found it too depressing and my heart never engaged.

    She has lived a hard life filled with tragedy. Her parents, both immigrants from France, were killed in a car accident when she was just nine years old. From that moment on, Jo had to grow up quickly. Living most of her growing up years Review posted at: Living most of her growing up years dodging abusive foster care homes and orphanages, she has become hardened and struggles to connect with and trust others.

    Jo also loves books, and has found an escape through the written word how many of us can relate with this ;-? She works at a bookstore and the owner of the bookstore, although gruff and rough around the edges, is the only meaningful person in her entire life. It is while working at the bookstore that she meets Damon Cole. He is attractive, rich, and very interested in Jo. Jo wants to have sex with him…period.

    This is where this book lost me. Damon and Jo have sex on their first date, before any meaningful conversation or connection has been formed. This book is erotic romance and features bondage, dominance, and anal play ect. I prefer books to have great character development and relationships to have some basis besides sex.

    The sex scenes were so frequent, that I found myself skimming through them in hopes to catch a glimpse of a meaningful conversation. That never happened. The most emotion I felt in this book was between Jo and the owner of the bookstore. Unlike the relationship between Jo and Damon, this relationship actually engaged my heart. If you like tortured, damaged characters and lots of gratuitous sex, this book would definitely be worth taking a look at. A big thanks to J. Mac for providing this reading copy in exchange for an honest review! Excuse me while I pick my jaw off of the floor What in the hell did I just read and how in the world could any author end a book like that???????????

    If I knew how to post those animated videos in my reviews, I'd be posting some of them now. I'm just beside myself. Now to my actua Excuse me while I pick my jaw off of the floor Now to my actual review of the book. I think I've calmed down enough, now. The book was magnificent! Yes, yes, yes, this book has a similar theme that seems to be popular in most books these days - wealthy, sexy, gorgeous, dominating male meets beautiful, but doesn't know it, poor, ordinary girl. HOWEVER , there's an interesting spin on it that sets it apart from all of the others, which I can't say or it will give too much away.

    I LOVE the heroine in this book. She is not the shy, quiet, timid, submissive heroine we're getting in all of the books right now. He was Just love her too!!!!! AND the sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some will say there was too much sex, but I say it had just the right balance for me.

    Mar 11, Micah rated it liked it. I'm going to say 3. And it all has to do with the lack of editing. That is one of my biggest pet peeves and it occurs so often in this book, I doubt it was really edited. The story was good, but I had figured out the twist in the first chapter. That didn't make me stop reading although the grammar mistakes almost did. I did feel like the relationship between the main characters was rushed And it seemed out of character for such a fiercely independent character to just But I did enjoy it overall and will read the second book I'll keep it short and simple.

    Me after reading this book: And finally View all 13 comments. Feb 21, Amy rated it liked it. I seem to be in the minority here, but this book just didn't do it for me. I'm not really sure why. The writing was solid and the plot line was good, maybe a little predictable. It just didn't engage me the way a book normally does; I was kind of waiting for it to be over so I could move on to something else: Mar 16, Michelle novelsontherun rated it it was amazing.

    Mac is an author to watch out for. At only twenty six years of age, the girl can write!

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    • Wreck Me (Wrecked, #1) by J.L. Mac.
    • Slam dunk! Wreck Me was an awesome read. I fell in love with everything about it.

      See a Problem?

      I even loved that heart wrenching cliffhanger. Now I have to keep secrets so my review in no way will capture what I am really trying to say. Not long to wait for book 2 - Restore Me. I thought I knew where the story was going, but then J. Double thumbs up!

      Jo is a bit of a dirty mouth young lady. She has had it tough for the greater part of her life, homeless, fending for herself due to a horrific accident. The Foster system was a nightmare for her. So she did it alone. The kindness of the Captain aka her boss Sutton, set her on a new path. Jo and Captain have a unique friendship. A bond that neither will admit to. Sutton knows how to be around Jo. Can I help you? He crosses his arms over his chest and looks at me like I have sprouted a second head right in front of his eyes.

      I love books I swear the old fart is the only one who ever calls me. A chance meeting with Damon, set her on another path. OMG the smexi is sizzling like bacon on the barbie in this book. I feel as if I am in some type of euphoric daze and I have to admit that I have never felt so lucky in my life. Not in any capacity. I saw you and everything came together for the first time in my life. It felt like breathing. You are the one who is out of my league. Trust me. She has a tough , no shit exterior. She uses guys for her own means.

      No relationships, they mean hurt, they mean loss. Damon Cole. They hold hands. Eat lunch together. Love the woman! We get an ending that will slice your heart open and leave you waiting for book 2. Literally gasping! I highly recommend this book. It is rather sizzling on the smexi and the characters will connect with the reader from the first chapter.

      Damon has his skeletons and he is just this perfect specimen of a man, but There are secrets. Dear lordy the heartache. Ten Tiny Breaths K. Tucker meets Crossfire series?? Sylvia Day , is my take on trying to give an idea of the style of this book. Jan 26, Jessica's Book Review rated it liked it. So maybe I went in with the wrong mind set when I started. I liked Wreck Me. I liked the characters a lot. Jo was fun and sassy and Damon was very sexy, domineering, and rich! I loved how controlling he was over Jo and wanted to protect her and support her.

      I am more of a long build up kind of gal. Once Damon and Jo have sex there is no stopping them and they go at it like rabbits. I was hoping for more of a story. The book leaves off on a major cliff hanger and you will want to read Restore Me Wrecked 2 right away. Like I said, I liked the book. I read it in one long sitting. I liked the storyline a lot and the characters I just wish there was a bit more of a plot and involve the secret a bit more into the story to create more drama.

      I give Wreck Me Wrecked 1 3 stars. Jan 05, Nacole Stayton rated it it was amazing. I was honored to read Wreck Me by J. L Mac and trust me she has proven to be a literary genius! This author has such a way with words. In every one of her books I feel a true connection with the heroine. Josephine Geroux is cold and lonely until Damon Cole comes storming into her life like prince charming.

      She is as real and honest I was honored to read Wreck Me by J. She is as real and honest as a woman can get with a dirty mouth to top it off but they instantly form a connection. A connection neither of them understand until much later. The intensity of their passion for one another is simply moving. He has his own sexy qualities and genuine compassion that made me fall head over heels for him in his first scene. The ending will leave you breathless begging the author for more. This deserves a way better rating than a five star in my opinion however that will have to suffice.

      Mar 10, Miri rated it it was amazing. Holy mother of God! This was just not hot.. This book was scorching hot! I loved the story. But I love Damon Cole more. All the above when it comes to this man. I love alpha male books! So of course this was right up my alley. I couldn't put this book down..

      Listen to Audiobooks written by J.L. Mac | ijemuqumen.tk

      This was one of those books you will read and can only be happy when it's done. I spend like 3 or 4 hrs at Starbucks finishing this book. This left me crying, anxious, hot and bother, crying again, more hot and bother, Holy mother of God! This left me crying, anxious, hot and bother, crying again, more hot and bother, and in denial!

      The cliff hanger was crazy good. This book was amazing amazing! I'm counting and having withdrawals. I almost died when I read this! You taste like perfection. BUT don't get me talking about that damn cliff hanger, that topic is taboo.. Now that waiting game for book 2 starts: Mar 22, Vilma Iris rated it it was amazing. Wreck Me 1, Wrecked by J. Mac Summary: Sweet and sexy, captivating and fun!!! I loved everything about this book! Full of steamy scenes, a unique story and strong characters with whom I fell in love!

      Couldn't put it down!