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Quick Reference Usage Notes Technique 1.

Use Accessible Templates Technique 2. Specify Document Language Technique 3. Use Headings Technique 6. Use Named Styles Technique 7. Create Accessible Charts Technique 9.

Make Content Easier to See Technique Make Content Easier to Understand Technique Check Accessibility Technique This guide is intended to be used for documents that are: Intended to be used by people i. Below are the mouse-only terms and their keyboard alternatives: Disclaimer and Testing Details Following these techniques will increase the accessibility of your documents, but it does not guarantee accessibility to any specific disability groups.

Technique 1. Use Accessible Templates All office documents start with a template, which can be as simple as a blank standard-sized page or as complex as a nearly complete document with text, graphics and other content.

Word 2008 Help

To create an accessible template Create a new document from the default blank template or from one of the prepackaged templates Ensure that you follow the techniques in this document When you are finished you should also check the accessibility of the document See Technique 10, below Go to menu item: Using a descriptive File name e. Go to menu item: If you have chosen an accessible template, the document will be accessible at this point. As you add your content e. Technique 2.

Specify Document Language In order for assistive technologies e.

Formatting Theses and Dissertations in Word for the Mac

To change the default language Go to menu item: Provide Text Alternatives for Images and Graphical Objects At this time, Word for Mac does not offer a mechanism which enables the user to add alternative text descriptions to images or objects. Tips for writing alternative text Try to answer the question "what information is the image conveying? In these cases, try to describe the image without making too many of your own assumptions.

Format a table of contents

One approach is to imagine you are describing the image to a person over the phone Ensure that you still provide concise alternative text to help readers decide if they are interested in the longer description. Nest headings properly e. Do not skip heading levels. Tips for tables Only use tables for tabular information, not for formatting, such as to position columns. These will not be recognized by assistive technology.

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Keep tables simple by avoiding merged cells and dividing complex data sets into separate smaller tables, where possible. Whenever possible, use just one row of headings. If tables split across pages, set the header to show at the top of each page. Also set the table to break between rows instead of in the middle of rows. Create a text summary of the essential table contents.

Any abbreviations used should be explained in the summary. Table captions or descriptions should answer the question "what is the table's purpose and how is it organized? Table cells should be marked as table headers when they serve as labels to help interpret the other cells in the table. Table header cell labels should be concise and clear. Be aware that, when trying to combine chapters at the end of the writing process, there may be conflicts between the template you create for chapters and other items, such as indexes, front matter and tables of contents.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to direct suggestions, comments, or complaints concerning any accessibility issues with Rutgers web sites to: Hours My Account Ask Us. Research Guides Tutorials. Information for Search this Guide Search. Writing a Dissertation or Thesis: Formatting in Word for the Mac Information on print and online resources for students who are writing dissertations, theses, and honors papers. Formatting Theses and Dissertations in Word for the Mac Below are resources for using Microsoft Word for the Mac to format your thesis or dissertation.

Mac and MS Word: Table of Contents You can create a Table of Contents either manually or by using Headings to have Word create the Table of Contents automatically after you've assigned those Headings in the text.

Microsoft Table of Contents — Word (Mac)

Be aware that templates and sample files are created using UMass Amherst thesis and dissertation requirements and may not match those of your graduate school: Intermediate Formatting Tasks in Word for Mac Styles Styles let you set a template for the type face, paragraph spacing and other formatted elements in a document. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. NormImberman Created on October 10, The following are the steps I have tried to do the job: I open the document. I click on the line that reads, "Index and Tables.

Creating a Table of Contents in Word 2007

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