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DEVONthink saves all your documents, keeps them organized, and recalls them whenever you need them. Now there's no need to store Office files, PDFs, bookmarks or other information in separate apps.

Freeware applications and services for Mac - DEVONtechnologies

DEVONthink is smart. It not only searches all your documents almost instantaneously, it also finds connections between them, extracts the most relevant topic words, or files documents automatically. Take your databases with you. View documents, edit texts, annotate PDFs. Search with a powerful full-text search and organize everything on the go. Sync with Macs and other iOS devices, fast and secure. The look of Outline is like that of a real notebook book with pages and tabs to help you navigate with the idea of creating the closest thing to a paper notebook experience as possible. Originally the editor was very basic but it now allows you to type pretty much anywhere you want, change headings, fonts etc.

There are some limitations to Outline however. Curio is one of the most expensive but also one of the slickest and most powerful OneNote alternatives on Mac. Curio is also excellent for organizing thoughts, brainstorming, mood mapping and mind mapping. MacJournal started as a simple diary app but has now expanded to become more like a note-taking application. MacJournal is extremely slick — the interface is excellent and you can cut and paste almost anything with it.

MacJournal is really well organized and also has a version for iPad and iPhone.

Top 10 Best Evernote Alternatives You Can Use

SOHO Notes used to be a very good note taking app for Macs although unfortunately development of the Mac application seems to have stopped. As a result, OS X SOHO Notes can store everything from text to video and you can also sync data with iPhone and iPad although be aware that the developer usually charges for every single update.

Together is powerful at organizing notes allowing you to add tags, comments and other annotations. You can drag just about anything into Together and even create simple tables to add to your notes.

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The downside is that despite regular updates, users report that Together still suffers from poor stability and even data loss at times. Our advice is to try the free trial of Together to see how reliable it is for you before purchasing the full version.

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EagleFiler is more like a document organizer rather than a note taking app although its incredibly good at what it does — making it easier to manage and find documents, files and folders on your Mac. EagleFiler excels when it comes to document organization allowing you to drag, drop and organize PDFs with ease. One of the best features of EagleFiler is the fact that it preserves the original format of documents i. YoJimbo is very similar to EagleFiler in that it focuses on organization of files and data rather than note taking.

YoJimbo is powerful enough to store just about anything and you can sync data with YoJimbo for iPad although not via iCloud. You can download a free trial of YoJimbo for Mac to see what you think of it first. MagicalPad aims to be a more user friendly, free form alternative to OneNote.

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MagicalPad is very flexible and most suitable for mindmapping, outlining, visual task management, note taking and brainstorming. If you want to use your notes for a presentation or simply like them to look good, there are lots of themes and styles to choose from too. MagicalPad is very free form compared to most of the apps featured here although there are limits to how you can take notes and write down information to prevent things getting too messy or crazy.

Your Favorite Mac Personal Information Managers

Alternote is a new alternative to to OneNote on Mac, which looks extremely smooth, is lightweight and very easy to use. Alternote is however designed for Evernote users as it integrates with Evernote to provide a cleaner, slicker frontend to Evernote. Alternote is ideal for note taking, recording ideas, brainstorming, memories, feelings etc. Evernote is probably the biggest heavyweight alternative to OneNote. Evernote is one of the most widely used notetaking apps for both Windows and Mac and is packed with features. However, Evernote syncs your information online with your Evernote account and is generally every bit as powerful as OneNote.

Evernote is regularly updated but with these updates sometimes come functionality issues for Mac users. There have been some security issues too with hacks on the Evernote servers although these are usually fixed very quickly. Most recently, Evernote for Mac has been updated with a revised Yosemite style interface which gives it a really clean feel on OS X. Evernote for OS X Google Keep used to be called Notebook but it was given a revamp to make it more powerful.


Google Keep is very easy to use and allows you to easily upload photos, files and add notes. NoteBook formerly Circus Ponies Notebook used to be a popular note taking tool for Mac but as of January is no longer available. In contrast to EasyFind you'll get a hierarchical result list, you can search as "root" user, search after date ranges and file sizes, and save searches and re-run them later. PhotoStickies shows your favorite pictures directly on your desktop, floating and, if you like, borderless.