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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next Sort by votes. Khi0nE Prominent. Jul 7, 1 0 0. So, recently youtube stopped working on google chrome. I'm able to access the website and everything is normal but when i click on a video it buffers forever and is unable to play. I have tried watching on Internet explorer and a different device and it works properly.

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Just the google chrome on this particular computer is unable to play videos on youtube. I have tried going on incognito and signing out of my google account and that doesn't work. I'm on the latest version of chrome and have tried the fixes suggested here: Colif Estimable Moderator. Jun 12, 0 6, I would try Resetting Chrome and see if it helps: Tsieta Prominent.

Youtube videos are not playing in web browser on PC

Same happened to me! The problem seemed to be with the Adblock Plus extension in Chrome. For me the solution was to update the "Adblock Warning Removal List" in the options section on the extension. Hope this works for you as well!

Fixes to troubleshoot your YouTube issues on Chrome

Doesn't let advertisers pay to bypass system. Sep 30, 1 0 0. Oct 1, 1 0 0.

I had the same problem, but I seem to have fixed it, as I found that if I unplugged my sound card external Sound Blaster Pro X-Fi and re-connected it, it worked again for a while. So, I tried installing the drivers from the Sound Blaster website instead of Windows 10's own drivers, and it seems to have fixed the issue. Mar 2, 1 0 10 0. Step 2: Check "Browsing history", "Cookies, site data", and "Cached images and files", and tap Clear to delete them. The updated app will always fix some problems, add some features and more. So updating is an option for you to make Chrome video play again.

Resolved - Youtube Videos Not Loading on Chrome | MacRumors Forums

Besides, delete the app is also a good choice to remove problems. There are two ways for Android users to uninstall Chrome: Drag the icon of Chrome to trash can; 2. After that, install Chrome in Google Play. If you still go nowhere to have the videos play again, you can save them in the local directory. Newest Chrome v55 is a boon for Android users, as it provides much convenience for you to save websites, video and audio. Update your Chrome to v55, open the video page, tap the Three-Dot button on top right, and you can see a down arrow.

To download videos to iPhone, iPad, you can read: How to Download Videos to iPhone or iPad. After you install it, tap on the video that you want to save, and the webpage will jump to download page automatically. Now open your video and enjoy your time! FonePaw uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Click Privacy Policy to learn more. Got it! By FonePaw Feb 23 , Download Videos to Computer Case 2: Workaround 1: Wait for a second and you will see Chrome restart with all tabs and windows you had opened. Workaround 2: Workaround 3: Reinstall Adobe Flash Player If you make sure you have turned on Flash but video is just not playing, try to reinstall Adobe Flash Player and check if the problem lies on it.

Workaround 4: Reset Chrome Settings Video not playing may also result from problematic Chrome settings, and you can revise it by resetting the settings. Workaround 5: Download Videos to Computer Downloading your favorite videos is a good way to watch it, when the video cannot play on the webpage. Force and Restart Chrome App There is a great possibility that the videos can play after you restart the Chrome app, and before that, you should force the app to stop.

Ensure Enough Phone Storage Enough storage is necessary for video loading, and insufficient storage prevents video to play. Clear Browsing Data Despite insufficient storage, accumulated browsing data is another factor that keeps video loading on Chrome of your phone. Share Your Masterpiece on FonePaw.

Featured Stories. Jan 31 , Hidata: Better Support for iOS Dec 24 , Tips: How to Enable Dark mode on Android Nov 23 , XS Max vs. XR vs. Sep 27 , iPhone XR vs. May Messages in iCloud: Files Recovery for PC Apr 18 , These include:. Outdated browser is one of the most common causes of Chrome YouTube not working. Outdated browsers are not able to effectively use the speed or security measures of the recent technologies, which might result in problems when using various applications.

If your browser is outdated, you can fix the problem by updating it to the latest version.

YouTube Not Working on Chrome? All YouTube Not Loading in Chrome Solutions Here

To update your browser:. Some of the information stored in your browser cache or data might interfere with the working of YouTube. To fix this YouTube not working on Chrome, simply clear your browser's cache and cookies.

With the following steps you will restore the default settings of the browser, effectively clearing the cache and cookies. Another problem that might be causing YouTube not to function is outdated plugin. If YouTube is not working on your Chrome browser, you can fix the problem by downloading the latest version of Flash Player plugin. Another issue that may be causing YouTube not to function correctly is plugins conflict. When using Chrome browser on Windows 8, it is possible for two Flash plugins to be installed, one for the system and the other for the browser.

These two plugins can conflict with each other, causing YouTube not to function correctly.

Fix videos & games that won't play

To fix the problem, type about: Expand the Flash plugin folder and disable the browser plugin and then restart Chrome. The browser plugin will have a location directory starting with C: When using Chrome on your Android device, YouTube might fail to function due to the following reasons:. Just like with a computer, using an outdated Chrome browser on your Android device can cause YouTube videos not to play. To fix the problem; open the Google Play Store app on your device, click My Apps to view downloaded apps, scroll down to Chrome and update the browser.

Another issue that may be causing YouTube not to work on your Android device is the internet connection, especially if you are not using a mobile network. To resolve the issue, disconnect from the network you are using, switch off your device, reset your internet connection and then turn on your device and try playing the videos again. Using an outdated Chrome browser on your iPad will cause YouTube videos not to play.